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Attività formative complementari

The following Attività Formative Complementari are available to master students.

Design and System-Level Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems

Held by: Toni Mancini and Enrico Tronci

In Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), software interacts with complex physical systems. Expertise in design and system-level verification of software for mission- and safety-critical CPSs is of paramount importance for high-level positions in industry.

Mission- and safety-critical CPSs occur in many application domains: digital hardware, business processes, transportation systems, biological systems, aerospace.

Students will be involved in design and educational activities within the MCLab research group, on application domains having a great impact in industry. Special focus will be on smart grids and personalised medicine, subject of, respectively, the EU projects SmartHG and Paeon.

For more information, please refer to this brochure

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